Make me dance, I want to surrender... ♥


Kings of Convenience

Indie folk-pop duo (Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe)... 
One of my favorite bands for rainy day... (or any day really, they put me in such a good mood)

My favorite... ♥: (love the video)

I've seen Erlend twice but playing with The Whitest Boy Alive (also a great band)
He's amazing live; so talented, funny and cute
I love them both!... I think Eirik kinda looks like Elijah Wood...

song recommendation: {Besides the two above},
"Live long", "Homesick", "Cayman Islands"... anything by them really

Here comes the summer sun...

song recommendation: Broad daylight - Gabriel Rios



{...} Days of Summer

Vibrant Beach - Jody Rogac Photography

(pictures jodyrogac)

song recommendation: There goes the fear - Doves

Vogue UK {Alexa&Vanessa}...

Alexa Chung
(pictures catwalkqueen)

Vanessa Paradis
(pictures thestylistsite)

song recommendation: Be my baby - Vanessa Paradis


Berries on top

Butter or cream cheese
1 Baguette or any kid of bread you like (1/2 inch slices)
Jam (any flavor)

If the bread you're using is not previously sliced, then do it.
Toast the bread...
Spread some butter and jam and put some berries on the top. 
Simple, easy, delicious...

song recommendation: You and I - Ingrid Michaelson



I just came across with this band  (Pomplamoose) and I LOVE them!
(picture Soulculture)

Here's the bands youtube channel... if you want to check it out PomplamooseMusic 

Their musical style is so original and fun... 

Also Nataly's haircut is awesome! and Jack seems to have a blast every time he plays his instruments...

Black and White, Red and Grey

song recommendation: Run - Vampire Weekend

Stop Motion

Her Morning Elegance - Oren Lavie
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